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Why Gratitude is Great

Why Gratitude is Great

By Kathie Holmes

So many people turn to alcohol and drugs as the “fix it” for any situation they cannot deal with.Sadly, neither of these things actually fixes anything.They mask a problem.They offer a temporary from pain and suffering but they do not fix it.

Gratitude on the other hand, fixes everything.It allows you to be grateful for things you normally overlook and theGratitude is Great minute you start focusing on the good things in your world, the bad things start to appear smaller and your focus moves away from them.

Gratitude is great. It is like a legal drug that you can take in enormous amounts and never overdose from.It is the universe’s cure for all.It can heal hearts and minds.It can change communities.It can unite complete strangers.Gratitude really should be your go to pick me up.

Focusing on gratitude means you are no longer focusing on the purely physical in your world but you start to focus on the small, everyday things we take for granted.Once you start to do that you begin to shift your vibration from one of negativity to one of thankfulness and positivity.The more you continue on that path, the higher your good vibration becomes.

There is no problem that cannot be solved with the right mindset.The hard part is getting to that mindset.   Initiating gratitude into your life will allow you to move to your positive mindset as soon as you feel yourself slipping into negativity.The quicker you stop it the quicker you can move forward. 

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to say a prayer of thanks to God, Spirit, Soul or Universe or you choose to journal your things you are grateful for every day, the main thing is that you stop and recognize the wonderful things in your world.From fresh water to health, to smiles and laughter, it is important to recognize and be grateful for each thing that brings you joy. 

From joy comes strength and the ability to continue on.

Kathie HolmesBIO:  Kathie Holmes is an Intuitive Mentor & Clarity Coach. Through her mentoring work at ( Kathie supports women in uncovering their intuition and moving forward into their true purpose and passion. Kathie is also the founder of the Creative Ability Network (, a network where women can expand their lives, live their true purpose and be part of a worldwide network of women working together and supporting each other through life’s journey.



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February 13th, 2014


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