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Using Our Intuition

Using Our Intuition

By Kathie Holmes

In life we have two choices.  Using our intuition or not using our intuition.  That is it.  When using our intuition, we make guided decisions that are best for us.  When not using our intuition we spend our life making mistake after mistake and never really live the life we are passionate about. 

Below are my top seven reasons why we all should be using our intuition:

1.      It’s yours!  It doesn’t belong to anyone else.  It is solely to guide you in the right direction through life.  Why would you choose to listen to other people’s opinions instead of your innate sense of what is right for you;Using Our Intuition

2.      It will help you make career decisions that will lead you to a fulfilling career;

3.      Your love life will improve dramatically when you start using your intuition over your ego.  Ego never directs you to your soul connection.  Intuition does;

4.      You will be able to say goodbye to ill health.  Using our intuition to find blockages and remove them will enable us to live a healthier life;

5.      You will only nurture your body with the right foods for you. By using your intuition to ask your body what it needs you are feeding it the correct foods rather than what “society” believes is a one size fits all approach;

6.      You will nurture your mind.  By switching off from television, newspapers and advertising negativity and switching on your intuition you being to live a far more nurtured way of life; and

7.      You will be living your true purpose.  The one that was predetermined for you in this lifetime not the one fabricated for you by others.  When you live your purpose you live a life full of love and light.

Kathie HolmesBIO:  Kathie Holmes is an Intuitive Mentor & Clarity Coach. Through her mentoring work at ( Kathie supports women in uncovering their intuition and moving forward into their true purpose and passion. Kathie is also the founder of the Creative Ability Network (, a network where women can expand their lives, live their true purpose and be part of a worldwide network of women working together and supporting each other through life’s journey.



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January 8th, 2014


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