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The Truth About Prayer

The Truth About Prayer

By Sandra Nicole Concepcion

The Divine is constantly using situations to teach us. These are opportunities to learn how we will handle ourselves, and to see if we learned the lessons the Divine intended.

A friend I haven’t seen in a long time agreed to take me to a doctor appointment. I was gracious for the ride yet felt the truth about prayeruneasy. It quickly became an inescapable dumping session and I was receiving the garbage.

All sensitives, especially channels, can become psychically drained and ill. Depending on the situation, one can become easily bedridden in a matter of minutes. Protection is non-negotiable for such a compromised path.

So I had to make the best of the situation and ask my guardian angels to surround her with pink love and white light. I love and appreciate this person, and she is very supportive of my path as a channel and medium. I didn’t want this person to feel like I wasn’t compassionate about her several challenges. I also knew she doesn’t have anyone to truly listen to her. But my whole self could not be sacrificed by her dumping. My initial protection and prayers I felt were not enough. I called on Archangel Michael to form a thick, pink wall between us. As I physically saw the pink wall form, higher and thicker, she abruptly stopped talking.

She asked, “Sandy, can I ask you something really important?”

Relieved the dumping had stopped, I said, “Sure, what is it?”

She hesitated for a bit then said, “Somebody told me, I won’t say who, that when you pray to God for Him to help you with a really bad situation, you pray to Him once about it. This person said to me that praying over and over to God about the same thing bothers God. That God already knows what the problem is and He doesn’t need to hear it again and again. Am I supposed to do that?”

She had a valid question, and a difficult one at that. Who was I, a fairly new channel, to approach such a question? I called in the big guns: I asked Spirit to use my tongue to answer her question from a place of pure love. I immediately sensed she knew all this information was not true, yet she wasn’t sure why and how she knew it. I received a knowing that God had set up this scenario for her enlightenment and my test.

I heard myself saying, “Do you want to know the truth about prayer?”

She said, “Yes, I want to settle this. I need His help.”

Then these words came out of my mouth. “The truth about prayer is to never stop praying. Never, ever stop praying. Never stop talking to God.”

She nodded as she kept her eyes on the road.

I continued, “The Holy Spirit is telling me you must know that God is not mad at you. He loves it when you talk to Him and believe He is going to take care of your situations. Spirit says when you stop praying, you stop believing that God can help. You stop believing He can turn this situation around. Every time you catch yourself worrying about the situation, stop! Pray about it again! Pray to God to help you with the worrying you did about the situation you just prayed for.”

She listened, still with the thick pink wall between us.

Then Spirit told me some very personal things in her life, which I repeated to her. Bold, golden words appeared in front of me: FORGIVENESS, FORGIVING HERSELF.

My mouth opened again, this time to give her a beautiful prayer, prepared for her by Spirit.

She was silent, I could tell she received all it well.

After, I felt at ease and all the negative energy had gone. The prayer and the words from Spirit were erased like a chalkboard eraser to a chalkboard. The memory of the entire experience was clear, but Spirit’s specific words to her were taken from my energy files. If she had asked me to repeat the prayer to her, I couldn’t have. But Spirit would have given it to me one more time to repeat if I did need to, because they already knew she would ask.

The conversation remained light for the remainder of the ride home. I thanked Spirit, Archangel Michael, and my guardian angels for the ability to receive and give the answers. I thanked her guardian angels too, that she was receptive to this important revelation to her.

Before I left the car, I thanked her for her kindness. She had been one of a handful who offered to help with my recovery. We hugged and verbally reminded each other of the bond we have and the love we have for one another.

As I slowly walked up my front steps, I thought to myself, That was amazing!

May you be a compassionate friend to others, helping them work on their paths while strengthening your own. In teaching my friend about the truth of prayer, I helped myself with prayer too.

(For more of Sandra’s channeled insight about prayer, please pick up your copy of Pink Roses for the Ill.)

book choice2BIO: Sandra Nicole Concepcion is a channel and medium for the Divine. A mystery illness had her bedridden for many months, and at this time she had a near death experience and regularly saw and spoke to Jesus and the angels. She is author of the book Pink Roses for the Ill: A True Story of Severe Illness, Near Death Experience, and Conversations with Jesus and the Divine, currently available on Kindle.



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