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The Magnetic Light

Excerpt  from The Light: The Magnetic Light

This excerpt has been taken from Michael Hayes’ chapter in The Light: A Book of Wisdom – Understanding the Light.

As the Light turns denser and moves into levels of manifestation its color changes and adapts. Though all things were manifested under God’s original intention of Light, as Light moves through the levels below the Spirit level it takes on a magnetic quality. We can attract and direct the magnetic Light. Things can be changed, moved and manipulated via our intention. Therefore, the magnetic Light does not always work for our higher good because we can use mind and emotion to manipulate it. The magnetic Light can be used in both positive and negative ways and it adjusts according to our intention and consciousness.

We must learn to take care when working with the Light because we can create negatively with it too. Many great the magnetic lighthealers work with the magnetic Light. They may simply touch you and your life will change because Light has incredible power. Some of the greatest healers work with the Light of the etheric or unconscious plane, which is closer to the level of the Light of Spirit. It is still magnetic, but as it is purer, it is also more powerful. Healers may do tremendous good work with this Light. However, if they were to enter a state driven by ego or ambition that would be contrary to the highest good of their clients and it might corrupt their service. It is possible for us, if we open up spiritually, to attune to the Light above manifest creation, to the pure Light of Spirit. That Light will not let us corrupt it nor do anything with it which is against the highest good. Nevertheless, the Light in the world can be used however we choose to use it. For example, God has not interceded and stopped us from splitting the atom despite the fact that we could destroy our planet as a result.

One reason people meditate and follow a spiritual path is to get beyond the magnetic Light and access the Spiritual Light. One key to achieving this is to reach a detached, neutral place where we are open to the highest good. Potentially, anyone can reach this state. When we look historically across the different religious traditions and metaphysical paths, many people tapped into that higher Light and were channels and instruments for it. To this day, when we read the poetry of Rumi, for example, his words and the energy behind them take us into that higher Light and give us a sense of inspiration, joy and love. Rumi merged into that higher Light and his subsequent work was radiated. It seems to touch nearly everyone. On the other hand, some people may be moved by a certain piece of music, while it does nothing for many other people. In this case the music is most likely reflecting the magnetic Light from one of the levels of manifest creation. That does not mean it is negative; it can still be beautiful and powerful, but not as universally inspiring.

The higher Light will only work for the highest good. Our prayers go forth into the universe and they are always answered, but the level they are answered from depends on where we pray from and the clarity of our intention. If there is too much emotional demand in our prayer, it will most likely be answered from a lesser level of the Light.

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MH SMiling High ResBIO: Michael Hayes is a spiritual counselor and seminar leader who works with groups and individuals across the world to transform their lives and awaken them to their spiritual nature. He began his spiritual work with others at the age of twenty-one after receiving a profound spiritual healing for a disabling back condition. He was so moved and inspired by his experience that he offered his life to serving others as he had been served. Within a year, he met John-Roger, a renowned spiritual teacher. Upon shaking his hand, he had an almost instantaneous out of body experience with Jesus Christ, where the greater purpose of his life was revealed. Michael began to work closely with John-Roger, assisting him with the greater spiritual work that was being done for many souls and for the planet itself. This accelerated his own spiritual awakening and his ability to assist others in transforming their lives. For more information about Michael, go to



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January 28th, 2014


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