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Shine Your Own Light

Teachings from the Light

As I traveled the mystical road leading to the completion of The Light book, I learned a number of spiritual lessons sent direct from the Light. Then, one sunny morning from a mountaintop in Spain, I picked up my pen and began to write. All of the lessons I had learned during this adventure shone into my awareness, and in those magical moments a new book called to my heart: Teachings from the Light (to be released in 2014). As my crown chakra tingled with a radiant energy, I received a message. “Share these teachings with the world and just as you have seen the Light, others will see the Light too.

Now I begin a new journey, delving deeper into the Light of All That Is. Maybe we will see each other on the road that lies ahead. Maybe we will look one another in the eyes as we radiate love from the depth of our hearts. Maybe, together, we will see the Light.


Shine Your Own Light

My Teaching from today is to be True to Your Self and Shine Your Own Light, stay true to your own vision and your own dreams… not someone else’s. Earlier today I had a strong realization that throughout my life people have constantly copied my ideas.

It all began when I was six-years-old and I read a little children’s story I had written to the class. They all loved it and I felt so much joy and happiness inside when they came to tell me so, beaming smiles on their faces. They even wanted more of my stories! But one week later, a brainy boy in the class read his story to the class. It was exactly the same as mine, apart from a different character. However, even that was strikingly similar. I felt disappointed inside that this boy had so obviously copied me and wondered why he couldn’t come up with his own ideas.

The next time it happened in a major way was when a couple copìed my business idea and launched an expat magazine in the moutains of Spain, almost identical to the one I had been running for the last six months, which covered the coast and inland. Again, that same feeling of disappointment engulfed me. How dare they copy my ideas!

It has happened again recently concerning this project, yet I still can’t help but initially feel a little agitated. However, luckily now I am beginning to learn what the lesson is in all this.

I began to ask myself, “What is it in me that attracts people to copy my ideas and try to steal my limelight?” I’m still searching for the answer to that question, but one thing I am clear about is the importance of us all staying true to our own dreams and vision, and not someone else’s. When we do stay true and real, that is when the magic happens.

Remembering back to the boy who copied my story at the age of six, none of the children in the class enjoyed it as much as mine and several commented to me how he had “just copied.” It certainly didn’t do much for his reputation, even at that young age.

I’m also learning to change the way I feel about the copiers and instead feel happy that I am inspiring people. That’s a good way to look at it.

I think there’s a major lesson in this Teaching for all of us…

Stay True to Your Self and Shine Your Own Light!!!

_keidi_keating_selected003BIO: Keidi Keating is an author, publisher, and editor who is committed to raising one million dollars for seven charities through sales of The Light book and further books she releases. Her greater vision is to support and provide spiritual education for children. For further information go to




by Keidi

February 23rd, 2013


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