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Practicing Gratitude

Practicing Gratitude

By Kathie Holmes

Do we really have to learn to be grateful?Sadly, yes.Most of us are polite and thank others when we receive things or have things done for us but are we ever truly grateful?Do we really stop and think about the impact that person has had on our life and how much better our life is because of them?

Practicing gratitude can change your world.To take stock each and every day and be thankful for all the good fortune you have been given, even on a bad day, means your mind becomes focused on the positive rather than dwelling on the negative in your world.When you do this regularly the negative almost ceases to exist.

It doesn’t matter what happens, there is always something to be grateful for.Even through the death of a loved one there is something to be grateful for.It is hard to think about in that way but if you do, it all of a sudden becomes less about the loss of that person and more about being grateful for having them in your life.You then start to look at the positive things you have shared with that person and all of a sudden your grief becomes easier to cope with.

Practicing gratitude makes a difference even if it is for the smallest of things.If you get into a daily habit of being grateful for life, for the air you breathe, for the water you drink, the food on the table, the friends in your life and even the bills you have, you start to shift your perception of life.

I urge everyone to have a gratitude journal where you list the things you are grateful for each day.If you are not into journalling you can even download as gratitude app for your smartphone and utilize that as a modern day journal.  The most important thing is to actually get into the habit of doing it. 

Practicing gratitude is the quickest way to change your attitude.

Kathie HolmesBIO:  Kathie Holmes is an Intuitive Mentor & Clarity Coach. Through her mentoring work at ( Kathie supports women in uncovering their intuition and moving forward into their true purpose and passion. Kathie is also the founder of the Creative Ability Network (, a network where women can expand their lives, live their true purpose and be part of a worldwide network of women working together and supporting each other through life’s journey.



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January 23rd, 2014


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