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Pink Roses for the Ill

New Book Release: Pink Roses for the Ill

Pink Roses for the Ill: A true story of illness, near death experience, and conversations with Jesus and the Divine.

The Light Network is pleased to announce the release of its latest book, Pink Roses for the Ill, by Sandra Nicole PinkRosesfrontConcepcion. It’s a true story of illness, near death experience,   and conversations with Jesus and the Divine.

What would you do if you suddenly lost your eyesight, had spontaneous seizures, did not recognize your surroundings, and had no control over your bodily functions? What would you do if medical personnel could not help, as your tests all appeared to be ‘normal?’

Sandra’s illness included more than fifteen symptoms. Her husband, daughter and mother watched helplessly as her health rapidly plummeted. Her lifeless body became a permanent fixture on the family sofa as she felt death draw near.

Terrified and alone, she was visited by monks and followed by Native American spirits. As her soul began to separate from her body, she was greeted by Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael, both bathed in a brilliant white light, revealing Jesus. In His presence, Sandra’s death halted as she experienced an incredible conversation with Jesus. After, she began a courageous and lengthy recovery. She is now a channel under the intimate guidance of Jesus Christ.

Sandra Nicole Concepcion is a channel and medium for Jesus and the Divine. She also serves as a telepathic translator for those who are unable to verbally communicate, including animals. Best known for her powerful messages from Jesus, often accompanied by deceased loved ones, she always gives freely of her time for the peace of others. Her mission is to lovingly spread God’s Light, Love, and Truth. Sandra lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her tween daughter, Zen-like husband, and animals in pairs.


Pink Roses for the Ill is currently out on Kindle only. To purchase your copy click here to be taken to the Amazon page.




by Keidi

November 2nd, 2013


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