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Natural Healing Abilities

Natural Healing Abilities

By Natasha Winsor

A question I am often asked is, can anyone learn to be a healer or do you have to have natural healing abilities? The answer is quite simply “yes, anyone can learn to heal others – we all have natural healing abilities.” When a childnatural healing abilities hurts themselves the first thing we do is rub the area or give them a hug so it is something that comes naturally to all of us. In fact, we all heal at varying levels without even realizing it: words of encouragement to an upset friend, a great big bear hug with a family member, or even listening to someone who needs to talk. These are all ways of helping others through a difficult time, which will in turn aid their healing process.Sometimes, all the person needs to release pent up emotions is a shoulder to cry on and a friendly face to lend an ear. Tears are an effective way of healing stress, sadness, grief, anxiety or frustration. They release endorphins, or the happy hormones, which lift your spirit and release stress. Tears also clear out irritants, keep the eyes lubricated, and protect them from infection. So all in all, tears are a great thing!

When it comes to giving someone healing in a more structured way, some people do have natural healing abilities. One of the exercises I do with my students is get them to place their hands gently on the client and see what they can sense. Very often, when they scan the client’s aura with their hands, they notice that certain areas feel different. Many people sense this as a warmth or tingling feeling in the palms of their hands. This is basically the student connecting to the client on a deeper level and sensing the areas that need to be healed.  Luckily, this is something that can be learned by developing your intuition, trusting the guidance you are given, and a bit of practice. For the majority of people, our empathic human nature is to help others in need and lift the spirits of others when they are down. Wouldn’t the world be a fantastic place if everyone worked together like this?

Thankfully, the next generation of children are much more spiritually aware and connected to their higher selves. Many of these, Rainbow Children, have healing abilities as this is something that comes very naturally to them. They are here to teach us that only love and light prevails. They remind us that the only way the world can successfully become stronger is by being more compassionate towards each other. This is something that we should encourage in young children and adults alike.



BIO: Natasha is a Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist who works very closely with the angels to spread love and light. She has seen and communicated with angels since a young age and has spent her whole life learning and growing spiritually. Through treatments, classes and writing, Natasha helps others to heal themselves, strengthen their spirituality and find inner stillness. Her life purpose and passion is working with others towards a common goal of peace. Website:



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January 24th, 2014


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