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My Road to Me Launches

Author, Harriet Nilsson’s debut book has now launched, published by The Light Network.

Harriet Nilsson, who has lived in southern Spain since 2010 officially released her first book, My Road to Me, on September 26th. The book tells my-road-to-me-NEW2her story of heartbreak, breakup, and drama, through the eyes of a character called Sara. It takes readers through a painful situation that is finally transformed into a positive experience.

The book is set between the areas and countries the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, Spain, and Stockholm, Sweden, and it cleverly leads readers along their own road of self-discovery.

The book is now available from and other leading online retailers.

Harriet said, ““It became bluntly evident when I went through this painful phase in my life that all of us go through similar experiences, in one way or the other.  The pain we feel and the thoughts that run through our heads are very much the same, even though they show up in different shapes and forms. I wrote this book because I feel that lot of women will recognize themselves in it and by sharing my story it will give them hope, strength, and the courage to find their inner Truth and beauty. The pain I went through on my own journey triggered my spiritual path and gave me a much stronger foundation.

“I invite you to purchase a copy of My Road to Me, and to remember how beautiful and amazing you are.”

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by Keidi

October 27th, 2014


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