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Excerpt from The Light: Miracles

This excerpt from The Light: A Book of Wisdom has been taken from Dr Sue Morter’s chapter – Manifesting Miracles:

We tend to hold miracles as something spectacular, outside of our realm of probability or as separate from ourselves. But in order to allow miracles to occur more regularly in our personal reality we must change the way we see them. Most of us believe miracles supersede the realm of probabilities and by holding this belief we are unable to welcome them into our environment as readily as we could. My invitation to the readers of this book is to see everything as sacred and possible. To do that with integrity we must first learn to hold our consciousness differently than the way we are familiar with. In order to allow something sacred or miraculous to happen more regularly in our lives, we must allow it to be a readily accepted perspective that we can anticipate and as a new way of being.

Everything is energy

The first premise is to remember that everything in all of creation is energy and that energy is vibrating at different frequencies, ultimately determining the physical realities that we experience. If we experience something as a physical object it is energy vibrating at a particular frequency and if we experience something as an emotion, the energy is vibrating at a different frequency. Think of it as different radio stations that we dial into.

When we think thoughts we are honing energies into a particular frequency pattern. When these thoughts are recreated day after day they produce a consistent pattern of energy within which we perceive an entire world; one that either works well or seems full of despair and pain.

We have the capacity to move energy in particular patterns and pathways with our free will. We can choose the meaning something has to us and therefore have it generate a particular energy in our world. One person may be happy he has been sacked from his job, another devastated over the loss. In the highest form of truth and from the biggest perspective, this allows us to recognize our level of empowerment, enlightenment and conscious development based upon the meaning we regularly assign to circumstances.

The template of our beliefs

The reason we experience our daily lives as we do is because we hold our filters, perspectives and perceptions in a stagnant way based upon our beliefs held both at the conscious and subconscious levels as a particular template. That template determines what gets through from the greater Reality into our personal experience and what does not. So if we want something different to manifest in our physical reality it is imperative that we change our regular pattern of thoughts and create a new and different template. To do so we must learn to blur the boundaries a bit. Things cannot continue to mean the same to us or else we have no choice but to manifest the same old non-miraculous, mundane reality.

When we understand that we have the ability to gather and generate this energy in one form or another and that we can change it at will, we wake up to the fact that there is something most sacred and miraculous about the way we can operate. So it is not about waiting for a miracle to occur, but simply waking up to the reality that we can manage and move any energy in any way we choose and thereby create a particular reality directly proportional to that choice. We have the capacity to shift energies from one vibrational frequency to another and change its meaning simply by changing our perception about it before becoming that vibration ourselves. When we become a vibrational match to the dream manifested, we invite its appearance into our lives. And amazingly it does not arrive, it simply becomes visible to us. Interestingly, this happens every time we forgive something and every time we love.

When we forgive something or someone we shift the energy around that topic from one vibration to another, say from wrong to ok. When we do this we change the energy that exists in our personal space, which in turn changes the energy in all space; our reality shifts, we become different energetically. Once we dial into another frequency, we can see what exists there and it is very different from what we saw a moment ago. This is nothing short of miraculous. The question is: are we willing to be in charge of our miracles? Or at least collaborate on them?

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Dr Sue Morter

BIO: Dr. Sue Morter is an internationally recognized authority on bridging science, spirit and human possibility. She founded Morter Institute & HealthCenter in 1987, a multi-doctor wellness and teaching facility in Indiana that focuses on cleansing and restoring the mind, body and soul by releasing unresolved subconscious beliefs and emotions. In addition to her private practice she has spoken at Agape International Spiritual Center, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Tony Robbins Trainer Support, amongst others and she can be seen in documentary films, internet television, radio interviews and live conferences worldwide. For further information about Dr Sue log on to



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January 13th, 2014


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