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Mercury in Retrograde 2014

Mercury in Retrograde 2014

Here are the dates of Mercury in Retrograde 2014:

February 6th-28th

June 7th-July 1st

October 4th- October 25th

“What?” you say.

Well, to keep it simple, Mercury is the planet of Communication and Retrograde means backwards! This wonderful confusing event is happening three times in 2014…as listed above. 

What can we do about this disruption of the planet? Plan and be aware. All means of communication – fax, computers, telephone and personal – are affected. You plan to meet a friend for lunch and you both go to different restaurants; you tell your hairdresser you want your hair trimmed and he/she gets carried away. 

Travel plans need to be reconfirmed and important faxes, emails, letters and resumes need to be followed up. Don’t take it for granted that your message has arrived intact and clear! This is not the best time to begin new ventures or make major purchases, such as real estate, cars or computers. When signing contracts be very clear and dot the  i’s and cross the t’s.

It is, though, an excellent time to finish old projects, as our past will most certainly be “hitting us in the face.” What better time to clear old habits than now?! The Universe will be sending old loves and situations that need to be dealt with and let go of! This retrograde is an excellent time to release the need for excess weight on our bodies, quit smoking, end restricting relationships and move forward from jobs or professions that we are not growing in and get on with our lives with a clear direction and intent. 

It is important to be aware of changes around us but it is not necessary to overreact and lose our focus just because planets go through their normal processes. Work with this and be ready for the next one… forewarned is an excellent state to be in. Enjoy!


BIO: Carole Matthews is an intuitive medium and inspirational speaker with clients coast to coast and she is the host of her own radio shows. Carole is grateful that she can travel with her gift and meet many interesting people. For more information, visit her website



by Keidi

January 19th, 2014


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