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Inspired Action

Teachings from the Light: Inspired Action

By Keidi Keating

One lesson I learned during the compilation of The Light was the powerful difference between taking action and taking inspired action. Action occurs as the result of a mental activity whereby the ego falsely believes that we must “do” this, this and this in order to achieve our desired goal. However, by contrast, inspired action involves a Divinely-guided notion or next step landing in our head at the perfect moment, often while we’re engaged with a completely different task. If we are adequately tuned into our Higher Self we are able to quickly recognize this thought as super-charged and of the ethers. Then we can use our own freewill whether or not to take this inspired action.


Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God and contributing author of The Light: A Book of Wisdom.

However, one day, as I was editing a client’s book, my thoughts tucked well away from The Light, a message suddenly entered my head that now was the time to contact Neale Donald Walsh. Fortunately, I recognized that the source of the prompt was different, coming from a much higher vibration than my own brain. It felt less dense and it carried a lighter, more mystical edge. I stopped editing right away and went to Neale’s website to find his email address for the fourth time. I wrote an email without hesitating, which came directly from my heart. Then I pressed “send.”

No less than 20 minutes later I heard a message ping into my inbox and noticed it was a reply from Neale. My heart beat harder as I opened it, anticipating an email with the words, “thank you for the invitation, however, sadly I will have to decline.” Imagine my joy and surprise when I read exactly the opposite. His email said that he’d love to contribute and he asked when we could speak to clarify the content. I got out of my computer chair and danced on the spot, shouting out bundles of thanks and gratitude to the Universe.

It occurred to me that I had gone through the same process when I invited Marci Shimoff, featured teacher in The Secret, to be a part of the book. She replied within 20 minutes too, saying that she’d be delighted to contribute. Nowadays, I do my best not to allow my ego to step into the picture, no matter what task I am working on. Our ego only gets in the way and stops the natural and magical flow from God.

When are we going to learn that God knows what’s right for us much better than we do?! And what has taking this inspired led to? Well, I’m enthralled to be a guest speaker at one of Neale’s upcoming retreats!

Have you ever taken inspired action? If so, please leave your comments under this post…



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by Keidi

July 30th, 2013


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