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God Only Gives Us What We Can Handle

God Only Gives Us What We Can Handle
By Sandra Nicole Concepcion

Is the saying true, “God only gives us what we can handle?”

I read an interesting, well-written blog post built around the above question. Her conclusion, after describing the slow death of her parent, was that what had been dished out to her was unbearable. She says God gives us more than we can handle so we can turn to Him and ask Him to help carry our load. I appreciate the sharing of her experiences and could definitely relate to her cause. I enjoyed praying for this stranger and value her as a child of God.

Over two years ago, I would have agreed with her. I would have even bended her victim mentality cusp to make the light pathstatement, “I always end up with the dirty end of the stick.”

Yet this way of thinking was crushed when I became a channel. All channels and various lightworkers who work only for God go through often more than one near-death experience and several periods of painful spiritual growth. All channels have human teachers as well as unseen teachers. Those who have a path to serve on the highest plane where God resides will be tested, over and over again, for obedience and worthiness. Then they reach levels to expand their abilities as Spirit (the Holy Spirit) sends them clients, books to write, and other Divine ideas.

Yet the main purpose of going to death’s edge, or experiencing a near-death experience/physical death of another, is to breakdown the ego. In some instances, the experiences will completely breakdown the ego. The second purpose is to experience the Light. The third is for the lightworker to surrender completely to God’s will and allow God to shape him/her as He sees fit.

Using my former teacher’s words, as Jesus is now my Teacher, she says, “Pain is the only way to break down the ego. When you seek to understand, you will find the Truth.”

Those who have Light paths, especially channels under God, experience pain and suffering on more intense levels than someone who does not have such a life path. The Divine reveals to them what could not be understood when the ego previously ruled the day and night. Then, the lightworkers have a Divine responsibility to share and teach this information.

A person who does not have a path in energy work does not want to hear that experiencing the death of a family member or friend is for a purpose. Yet as channels, for instance, we know this to be true. We would say, “I’m sorry,” not “I’m sorry for your loss.” There really was no loss; we know where the person is. If we are also mediums, we hear and possibly see the person as well. Yet we are always handling our thoughts with compassion and our words with love because we are guided by the Divine. We are also available for Divine answers and comforting words if God sends this person or family our way for help.

Lightworkers are not immune to ego; we will never escape it until we transform in the physical death process. We experience, as in this case, vile grief. Yet we see physical (or spiritual) death as a beautiful process, as death in general brings a critical beginning to something new in life. Life and death is a continuous process for my life path, so it has become accepted, even welcomed in a sense.

To address the statement, God only gives us what we can handle, yes, God only gives us what we can handle with Him. This part is truth given by this writer. But God has a way of allowing us to be stripped naked, us clutching to our ego, Him waiting for our permission. He not only wants us to ask for His help, Jesus’ help, the Angels, the Saints, and other angelic entities, but He wants us to want Divine help. If we don’t ask willingly while we are standing, and truly seek to understand, we will definitely ask when we are on our knees with our face in the mud. True spiritual growth and understanding only happens when we are down in that mud, nearly suffocating in one or several of our ego’s attributes.

While it is true that there are those who go through terrible challenges, crisis after crisis, He will not give you more than you can handle. It does not matter what it is. If you cannot handle it, you will not learn from it. If you did not learn from it, He will send it again or allow it to happen again for your spiritual growth. He will keep various things stable in your life; He will never, ever take every single good thing in your life. He knows you are doing the best you can and He wants to see you overcome your obstacles. Remember there are things God does to make us stronger and then there are ego based decisions and conclusions that we make out of guilt, fear, envy, shame, pride, and having a victim mentality. God helps us no matter if He sent it or if you created the catastrophe.

Then during and after this seemingly impossible obstacle, you learn things about yourself you never knew or would describe yourself as. After the situation calms down, even for a brief time, you come to an understanding about your life and your purpose. Then, as God would have it, a friend or stranger seeks your counsel and comforting words as they too, are in a similar process. How would you be of help to that person, and be compassionate about their process, had you not experienced the same turbulence in your own life?

Once you learn the truth, it cannot be unlearned. While I enjoy reading what all people experience, my path is seeking the Truth and sharing it. I am a messenger taught by the Divine about how it really is and what it really means, not how my ego wishes to see it.

My personal hope for you is that you see it as not happening to you, but happening for you, and that you allow some form of the Divine into your life, whatever your beliefs may be.

book choice2BIO: Sandra Nicole Concepcion is a channel and medium for the Divine. A mystery illness had her bedridden for many months, and at this time she had a near death experience and regularly saw and spoke to Jesus and the angels. She is author of the book Pink Roses for the Ill: A True Story of Severe Illness, Near Death Experience, and Conversations with Jesus and the Divine, currently available on Kindle.


by Keidi

January 15th, 2014


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