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God Bless You

Master’s Mondays: God Bless You

By John-Roger

When you are a positive power, a “Lighthouse,” that positiveness will go out to people. You bless every person you walk by during the day  God Bless Youwhen that Light is flowing through you. When you walk by someone and, either out loud or silently, you say, “God bless you,” the power of the mind will send positive energy out to that person.

I have told young people whose parents fight a lot, “When your parents are fighting, just sit or stand nearby and say over and over in your mind, ‘God bless you.’” Some of the youngsters have done this and reported back that although their parents were fighting and really upset with each other, pretty soon they just went quiet and walked away. And later they started kidding around a little bit, and everything was all right again.

There are other magic words that create positiveness. Silently saying “God bless you” can certainly change people, but if you really want to watch them change in a hurry, silently say, “I love you.” They can become absolutely elated. The negativity goes, and the positive energy sweeps in. Love is a cohesive power that brings everything together. Love has the potential to change it all into positive action and a positive flow of Spirit. These magic words, such as God bless you, and I love you, can cause miracles to happen.



BIO: John-Roger is the contributor of the Karma and Destiny chapter in The Light. He is also the founder of the Movement of Inner Spiritual Awareness (MSIA) and an author of more than 50 books on spirituality.



by Keidi

September 30th, 2013


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