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Forgiving Others

Forgiving Others

By Natasha Winsor

Forgiving others is a funny thing that is available at two levels.The first is the stage is where you claim to offer it, but only on the surface.You say verbally that you forgive the other person involved but still hold on to the animosity and grudge surrounding the issue.Of course this is the first step to moving forward and resolving a conflict but it’s merely a temporary fix, and in reality, you have not actually let go fully.  The second type of forgiving others is that moment when you let go fully of any judgement towards the other party.You stop analyzing their actions and motives, you release the grudge, and do not allow yourself to be a victim any more.

When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, or when you feel that you have been wronged there is anatural process you will go through until you are able move on.The first will be anger because you do not agree with what has happened.Once this has subsided, sadness usually follows because you have had time to cool down and take in all the details.Your mind begins to analyze every word and action: what was said, what should have been said, and what should have been left unsaid.Some people choose to stay in this place and not move on, as they do not wish to continue forgiving others.The dangerous thing about that is the longer you hold onto this negative energy, the bigger it becomes until it turns into bitterness.The load becomes bigger, clouding your judgement and causing you to become cynical.  

So how do you move on from this?Truly forgiving others can only happen when we establish our placeForgiving Others in the situation.When we look at our own actions and how we have dealt with the situation.Of course there will be times when we can say hand on heart that we are not at fault and acted according to our inner guidance, but there will also be times when we need to take responsibility for the part we played.  Trying to look at it from the other person’s point of view is a very useful way to understand what they may have been feeling or thinking at the time.Is there more to the situation than you realize?Are they acting from a place of anger because they have already been hurt?This does not mean that you should make excuses however, as every person is responsible for their own actions, so you must not take responsibility for them.A better understanding is purely the start of your healing process.

Let go, pray for healing for yourself and for the situation. Accept that this has happened for a reason. You can either learn the lesson at the heart of the issue or you can hold onto it unnecessarily.Release the feelings of anger, anxiety and resentment as these are not healthy.Instead, go to that place deep within your heart and feel the inner strength you hold.Send out love and healing to the other person.  You do not need to agree with their actions, nor do you need to condone them, but when you are ready, sending love and light to them will lift a huge weight off your shoulders.Time is a healer, so go through the motions and emotions, accept your responsibility and do not take on that of anyone else.Let go of the negative emotions and send love to that person to help them along their path.  It is only once you do all of this, that you will be able to say truthfully that your forgiving others is complete, allowing your burden to release and your heart to lighten.



BIO: Natasha is a Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist who works very closely with the angels to spread love and light. She has seen and communicated with angels since a young age and has spent her whole life learning and growing spiritually. Through treatments, classes and writing, Natasha helps others to heal themselves, strengthen their spirituality and find inner stillness. Her life purpose and passion is working with others towards a common goal of peace. Website:


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January 10th, 2014


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