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Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies

By Natasha Winsor

Getting the balance right between conventional medicine and complementary therapies has always been a tricky one.We are convinced of the effectiveness of a treatment when there are facts and figures to logically prove its value but when it comes down to the less tangible concepts of feelings and emotions being involved, it is a little more difficult to comprehend.  That being said, we would be a little naive to think that we are solely physical beings affected by outside influences alone.Even the most logical of thinkers admit that we are a complex being made up of thoughts, emotions and a physical body, which make us human.So bearing this in mind, could our thoughts and emotions have an impact on our bodies?

Well holistically speaking, yes they can.The connection between our mind and body should complementary therapiesnot be underestimated.We have the power to mentally control many physical situations, for example the fight or flight reaction.Our gut instinct reacts to the situation without a moments thought and allows us to remove ourselves from a situation or take charge of it.The same goes for stressful situations, they sometimes bring out the best in us by forcing us to deal with them instinctively, or they cause our bodies to shut down.The effect of stress on the body never ceases to amaze me.It can cause hair loss, eczema, Psoriasis, IBS, loss of appetite, sleep apnoea and so much more.This alone proves the definite mind-body link.Therefore, if you sought out traditional advice for a skin condition such as eczema but no matter what ointment you tried, it just didn’t work, then it is worth considering whether there is more to the situation.Are you stressed and it is manifesting physically?

Holistic healing works to heal the whole being, tackling the physical, emotional and spiritual elements.Complementary therapies, such as Reiki, work to find and heal the root cause of the problem, which in turn, improves the physical result.Another example of this is where a person has suffered from long-term stress, it initially starts by affecting the shoulders as we naturally round them when we are concerned.It later moves into the lower back or stomach area as this is where we deal with emotions, in the Sacral chakra.Many sufferers of lower back pain or IBS have endured a long period of emotional strain and it has manifested into something physical.

We are not a physical body that contains a soul, we are a soul within a human body.Our bodies are bound to have some wear and tear from time to time so they do need traditional medicine to cure them.At no point should you replace traditional medicine, always seek the advice of your doctor but do remember, there is no harm in looking deeper and trying a complementary type of healing.It is only when we take care of our body, mind and soul that we are at total optimum health.



BIO: Natasha is a Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist who works very closely with the angels to spread love and light.  She has seen and communicated with angels since a young age and has spent her whole life learning and growing spiritually.  Through treatments, classes and writing, Natasha helps others to heal themselves, strengthen their spirituality and find inner stillness.  Her life purpose and passion is working with others towards a common goal of peace. Website:



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December 6th, 2013


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