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Bring Your Sexy Back!

Bring Your Sexy Back!

By Kathie Holmes

Yes the title to this post seems a little odd but it is completely true that using your intuition can bring your sexy back!Men and women alike will be drawn to your new level of sexiness once you start using your intuition.Sexiness that isn’t based on anything sexual at all but based on your exuberance for life.

The reason behind it – once you start to use your intuition, you start to make decisions that are in your highest good.bring your sexy backYou will no longer make decisions based on another person’s needs or wants.You will no longer commit to things that you don’t like or don’t want to be involved in. 

You make decisions that allow you to live your life’s purpose and when you start doing that you become happier, you exude a feeling of calm and warmth to those around you, you trust in yourself and therefore have confidence in yourself.All of these things shine from the inside out to give you an outer confidence that is visible to others.

Using your intuition for every decision you make means that you are always moving forward in the best way possible, for you, and when you live your life the way it was meant for you, then you live your life with all new intention and awareness and with an undeniable passion. 

So, if you are not using your intuition to its fullest potential it is time to start doing so.  Start small by asking yourself what your body needs to eat today to be the best it can be, then ask it what you should do today that is in your best interests and then start expanding your questions from there. 

The more you ask the more you will receive.The more you receive the more enlightened you become.The more enlightened you become the more peaceful, passionate and inspiring you become to others.That is how to bring your sexy back!

Kathie HolmesBIO:  Kathie Holmes is an Intuitive Mentor & Clarity Coach. Through her mentoring work at ( Kathie supports women in uncovering their intuition and moving forward into their true purpose and passion. Kathie is also the founder of the Creative Ability Network (, a network where women can expand their lives, live their true purpose and be part of a worldwide network of women working together and supporting each other through life’s journey.



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January 16th, 2014


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