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Taken from Molly Ann Fairley’s chapter in The Light: A Book of Wisdom

In this post, you will learn all you ever wanted to know about angels …

What can angels do for me?

Angels lift your energy. They can protect you and bring you love. They can guide you and heal you, your family and your friends. The angelic Lords of Karma can cancel your karma.

How can angels help me?angels2

Angels can open your heart, bring love to your children, help with your marriage, partnership, finances, and rescue you. They can also cancel any vows not serving you.

Do I have more than one angel?

Yes, there are millions of angels overseeing our planet. You have many angels lighting up your life, but only one guardian angel.

Should I pray to my angel?

Prayer and worship used to be more common. Nowadays we talk more as an equal to deities of any kind. Prayer is still good though.

Do angels get angry with me?

No, never. Your angels love you unconditionally. They do not know how to be angry. They are too full of love.

Why are archangels important?

Archangels have more power than your guardian angel. They deal with specific wishes.

Are Ascended Masters angels?

Some of them are. Mary, Mother of Jesus is an angel and because she has lived in a physical body she is also an Ascended Master. Usually angels have never lived in a body.

What is an Angel Invocation?

An angel ceremony to call in angel energies to invoke positive change.

Who are the angels of Atlantis?

Special angels are being drafted in to lift the consciousness of our planet for the approaching golden age of Atlantis in 2032.

What are fallen angels?

Fallen angels once sat at God’s right hand. They fell from grace and so agreed to stay behind and help humanity to resolve its karma. Lucifer is the most well-known fallen angel. It is said he works closely with God.

Is there an angel of birth and death?

Yes, there certainly is an appointed angel of birth and death. These powerful angels have hosts of angels working under them to ensure the safe passage of your passing in and out of the physical world. They liaise with your family in spirit at the time of your death.

What do my angels need from me?

They need a love vibration from you in order to come closer. This provides nourishment and food for the angels. They need you to send this love vibration to the earth and others.

Are angels involved with crop circles?

Yes, the turquoise angels of communication are giving us keys to unlock universal information. We understand these messages in our unconscious minds.


by Keidi

November 7th, 2013


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