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5 Ways to Make Your Light Shine Bright

5 Ways to Make Your Light Shine Bright

By Kathie Holmes

We have all been there.We have all had those days where our light just doesn’t seem to be as bright as it should be.Sometimes there is a physical 40. candlesreason but often it is just a change at a completely different level and we need to ride it out. 

Riding it out is the hard part.It’s the part where we start to doubt ourselves.We start to second guess our intuition and our decisions and start to allow our ego to creep back in and take control of our decision making. 

Below are five ways you can make your light shine bright during those dull times and keep the ego at bay.

1.      Eat well!As simple as it sounds, it is the one thing most people do when the doubts start to creep in.We feel emotional, we feel we need comfort and we turn to food to get that comfort.Be conscious of what you are putting into your body during those times.Choose healthy options as much as possible and your body will continue to help you through and make you feel more alive.Loading your body with the wrong foods during those times will only add to your negative feelings, and add even more for you to feel down about;

2.     Get out outside!Reconnect with the earth.When we are feeling under par we tend to want to stay indoors but the sad fact is that it is the outside that we need.We need to reconnect with the earth.Take yourself off to a park or the beach. Walk barefoot so you can reconnect at a base level and allow yourself to feel the energy coming back;

3.      Sleep! Don’t be a night owl during these times.Make yourself get at least 8-10 hours’ sleep.Don’t skimp on the sleep as it will just make you irritable and again self-doubting;

4.     No news!Stay away from television, radio, newspaper and internet news reports.Focusing on the news will only serve to dampen your mood not lighten it.News broadcasts are designed to highlight negativity – it is how the news stations keep readers tuning in and how they make their money.Choose not to indulge in it.Fill your time with reading positive books, listening to positive music or meditation tracks not news;

5.     Journal!Rather than pour out your troubles to those around you, journal about what is troubling you.Often it isn’t anything really major but when you lock it inside and go over it again and again it can feel like a mountain.  Sharing with others, while sometimes can be good, often we then end up taking on someone else’s point of view and that doesn’t necessarily serve us.Instead, journal your feelings and let your intuition guide you to dealing with them.

Kathie HolmesBIO:  Kathie Holmes is an Intuitive Mentor & Clarity Coach. Through her mentoring work at ( Kathie supports women in uncovering their intuition and moving forward into their true purpose and passion. Kathie is also the founder of the Creative Ability Network (, a network where women can expand their lives, live their true purpose and be part of a worldwide network of women working together and supporting each other through life’s journey.



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February 6th, 2014


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